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Data Scientist [volunteer]

African Marine Mammal Conservation Organization
African Marine Mammal Conservation Organization
Job Functions:
Data Science
Dizangué, Cameroon; Edea, Cameroon
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Data Scientist

Help us reverse the countdown on animal extinction.

Knowing that millions of species are going to disappear in the next decades drives you crazy. You want to do something about it. We are building a global online collaboration project, SIREN, with tech contributors from all over the world who team up with marine biologists to develop tools that scientists, governments and fishermen communities can use to protect endangered marine life.

We are now looking for a data scientist volunteer to join our team to help us define our strategy for data analysis and visualization tools. This is a highly visible role as marine scientists and government agencies use the SIREN platform to visualize, analyze observations of aquatic endangered marine animals, across multiple geographical areas, especially sharks, ray, sea turtles, dolphins, whales, manatees as well as fish stocks and illegal fishing activity.

Whether you can volunteer multiple days or a few hours a week, this is an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and experience to help solve complex problems and have a direct and highly visible impact on planet Earth.

You will operate under the supervision of our leadership team and in partnership with our UI/UX designers and engineers to propose a data tool roadmap and data modeling that integrates within the newly designed SIREN web portal.


  1. Evaluation of various data tools, especially data visualization tools (Tableau, Excel, highcharts, Kibana,...)
  2. Make vs buy recommendation to senior staff
  3. Define roadmap, create prototype and support the implementation of data models based on customer requirements


We are asking that you be available for at least 2 months 5 hours a week (Depending on your skills and experience). Longer term commitments are available too.

Required skills:

  • Educational studies in a Bachelor or Master’s program in Computer Science that can demonstrate a good knowledge of Object Oriented Programming.
  • Knowledge and experience of data tools is a must.
  • Interest in conservation and wildlife.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Location: Virtual.

How to apply:

  • Send us a short email to with your resume (attached or reference to LinkedIn), the role you are interested in and technical area of interest if any.