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Alumnae Volunteers Program Manager



Posted on Saturday, January 27, 2024


Full-Time; Remote; Must be based and qualified to work in the United States. [Estimated salary range: $60,000 – 65,000]

About Technovation

Technovation is the world’s largest technology entrepreneurship program for girls. Our mission is to empower girls, especially those from underrepresented communities, to develop problem-solving skills, self-efficacy, and financial capacity, critical to them becoming leaders and changemakers in their communities. Through Technovation, girls work in teams supported by mentors to develop mobile & AI based solutions to problems in their communities. Over the past 17 years, we have engaged 350,000 participants across 120+ countries. We are able to accomplish this impact thanks to our global community of volunteer ambassadors who contribute their time and effort to lead Technovation Girls in their communities.

We recently created a very ambitious strategic plan to leverage our lessons learned and our global network of partners to make a significant dent in increasing the number of women in positions of influence, power, and leadership – especially in STEM. Our goal is to empower and engage 25 million girls around the world over the coming years. Are you interested in helping us reach these young women?

About the Alumnae Global Community Team

Housed within the larger Program Team, the Alumnae team is responsible for advocating for and supporting former Technovation Girls’ participants as they continue their STEM and entrepreneurial journeys. The Alumnae team works hard to build a community and ecosystem of support with continued ways for Technovation alumnae to increase skills, tap into important resources and, ultimately, achieve their career goals.

About the Opportunity

Reporting to the Alumnae Program Director, the Alumnae Volunteer Programs Manager leads support for alumnae volunteers globally:

  • The manager will spend 50% of their time overseeing and supporting the Student Ambassador Program on a global scale, with over 100 volunteers
  • They will spend 30% of their time supporting organizational efforts to grow the number and type of alumnae volunteer opportunities for alumnae of all ages
  • They will spend 20% of their time supporting other alumnae volunteers in connecting them with resources, trainings, or other opportunities for skill-building

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage Student Ambassador Program: Lead and oversee all aspects of the Student Ambassador program including, recruitment, onboarding, and ongoing support of over 100 participants throughout the season. Update, crowd-source, and develop resources, training and/or activities that support Student Ambassadors increase of leadership and other soft skills. Lead global communications and community building for the Student Ambassador cohort. Create on-ramps and pathways for further leadership development upon completion of season.
  • Collaborate with Volunteer Engagement Team to engage alumnae as volunteers: In partnership with VET, own pipeline and lead efforts to increase alumnae volunteer mentors and Club Ambassadors of all ages, depending on organizational priorities. Update and/or expand resources and structures for ongoing support. Experiment with various initiatives and making data-driven adjustments.
  • Support general Alumnae Leadership Volunteers: Develop and support onboarding and recruitment processes for alumnae volunteers in collaboration with staff volunteer leads. Implement supports for staff and volunteers to ensure a successful and meaningful experience.
  • Implement supports, resources and recognition for volunteers: Explore best practices around volunteer recognition, sharing resources and offering opportunities around skill building and training to support alumnae in developing leadership skills and implement into Technovation leadership volunteer programming. Support the creation of pathways to further engage volunteers to continue their volunteer journeys with Technovation.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders: Build and maintain relationships with Chapter Ambassadors and volunteers in key regions, as well as with corporate partners. Identify new opportunities for collaboration and partnership building to support programming.
  • Communication: Serve as the first point of contact for alumnae interested in volunteering with Technovation. Deliver clear and concise communications to alumnae volunteers for recruitment and program coordination (e.g. sharing procedures and resources) and establish efficient systems for disseminating information.
  • Monitor and evaluate program impact: Collaborate with the greater team to create ways to monitor, evaluate and measure impact alumnae volunteerism has on alumnae as well as on Technovation. Use data to inform programmatic decisions and improve program quality as well as to advocate for what our alumnae most want and need.
  • This position will likely include up to 5% travel depending on funding, partnerships, and other factors.

Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate is passionate about Technovation’s mission to empower girls to create technology solutions for problems they identify in their community. This is a chance to be a part of a leading education technology nonprofit, in service to tens of thousands of girls in more than 100 countries. We believe that with the right learning opportunities and support, everyone has the ability to learn and become technology creators. We are looking for a candidate who:

  • Has excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Has 3+ years of volunteer management or community building with youth and young adults, as well as project/program management experience (a plus if this experience includes virtual work or project management tools like Asana, Slack, Streak, etc)
  • Is familiar with educational environments and can support systems that promote quality learning experiences for both children and adults
  • Has a deep understanding of cultural differences and can work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds as well as adapt communication style and approach to work with people from different cultures
  • Is a self-starter and resourceful, able to think creatively to find solutions to challenges, and able to work with limited resources and find ways to maximize impact.
  • Is comfortable analyzing and learning from data to help develop strategies
  • Loves learning new things and is open to dynamic, changing environments

We Offer:

Our benefits include:

  • 20 vacation days in addition to all federal holidays and sick time
  • A paid organization wide week-long shutdown at the end of the year
  • 100% cost coverage of medical, dental, and vision costs for employees and a portion of the cost for partners and dependents
  • Life-insurance coverage
  • 401k program with an organization match after two years
  • Option to participate in FSA and DCA pre-tax programs
  • Tenure bonus plan
  • Remote work with core work hours and flexible scheduling

Our work environment also prioritizes these features that align with our core values:

  • Ownership: We follow a MOCHA process that clearly outlines responsibilities on a project. You will make high-level decisions about the work you do and how you will execute it. We focus on including everyone’s voices, not micromanaging.
  • Integrity: We emphasize transparency, honesty, and data in all our work and decision making. We review projects regularly, admit when we need to make changes, and use data to confirm when it’s time to try something new.
  • Equity: We value getting your work done in good quality and on time. We have core hours but start and end times are flexible in order to support what’s going on in your life, and you’re welcome to go to appointments and run errands as needed. We continue to work on promoting principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the organization.
  • Curiosity: We’re a small team and much of our work includes cross-team collaboration. That collaboration succeeds due to communication, organization, and curiosity as we encourage each other to learn and grow.
  • Innovation: You’ll contribute directly to an organization that provides technology education to students from underserved areas in 100+ countries, all while helping to address the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields. Have an idea of how we can do this better? Let us know! We prioritize input from our team.

To Apply:

Please apply at this link. Be ready to upload:

  1. Your resume, including a link to your LinkedIn profile
  2. A cover letter expressing your interest in and alignment with the opportunity, make sure to include why you believe you would be a good fit
  3. Screening task:

As the Alumnae Volunteers Program Manager, you will get the chance to work directly with Technovation Alumnae and to empower them through a variety of activities focused on leadership through volunteerism. To learn a bit more about alumnae resources, please check out our community resources page.

If you were to make a plan for growing alumnae volunteerism within Technovation, what would it include? Please share your ideas by creating 3 Google slides and addressing the following questions in your strategy. (Please note, do not spend more than three hours on this task. We’re interested in your initial ideas, not a polished to perfection presentation)

  • What types of opportunities would you be interested in developing – either new ideas or building on existing opportunities?
  • What types of training or resources might you include?
  • How would you measure the success of this plan?
  • What additional questions or information would you be interested in learning about the overall alumnae community, to help guide your strategy?