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Open position



Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Paid Translators (Various Languages)

Last Updated
August 4, 2022 5:32 AM
Open position
Location: Remote
Type: Part-time (generally up to 5 hours per week depending on demand)
Dates: Ongoing
Currently Hiring these Languages: Sango, Lingala, Karen, Kiche, Mam, Hmong
Contact to Apply (include resume): team@tarjim.ly
We are Tarjimly - a non-profit organization (NGO) in need of experienced translators and interpreters to serve our humanitarian clients.
We operate a mobile application where refugees, humanitarians, and immigrants in need can access high quality, remote, on-demand, volunteer translators and interpreters.
Our clients range from healthcare providers, attorneys, teachers, aid workers, etc. and they connect through our mobile app where they can send text, voice notes, pictures, documents, or get on a phone call. Our list of beneficiaries includes the International Organization for Migration (IOM), International Rescue Committee, World Relief, Cast LA, etc.
While our base services are free and use volunteer multilinguals, we also offer a paid subscription that offers additional features, as well as access to pools of paid interpreters for languages with fewer volunteers.
We are looking to hire paid translators for the languages that we don't have enough volunteers in. Currently, we are looking to hire paid translators for Sango, Lingala, Tigrinya, Karen, Kiche, Mam & Hmong.
All the translation work is on-demand, so you just need to wait for translation request notifications and if you are the first to accept the request, you will be connected to translate or interpret in real-time. We cannot control demand. It depends on the needs of the organizations using our app.
While you may receive very few to very many requests, the beauty of this opportunity lies in the fact that you have the flexibility of accepting or rejecting requests based on your availability, which provides you with the ability to take on other jobs simultaneously.
Must embrace the mission of Tarjimly (required)
Fluency in English and other languages (required)
Strong dedication to service, and a willingness to support refugees and immigrants (required)
Access to a strong internet connection and a quiet, private environment with no background noise (required)
Previous translation or interpretation experience (preferred)
Providing high quality translations and interpretations for beneficiaries, including refugee resettlement agencies and humanitarian organizations
Exhibit a positive attitude and demonstrate superior customer service skills when working as a translator
Maintaining a high degree of ethical standards and upholding Tarjimly’s Code of Conduct
Carrying out any required trainings on the app to develop your skills as a translator
Acting non-politically when working as a translator
Reporting the length and details of each session accurately, and on time
Hourly rates vary depending on experience and demand for that language.
E-mail resume and any related certificates to team@tarjim.ly