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Open position



Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

React Native Engineer

Last Updated
September 26, 2023 9:07 AM
Open position

Applying: If you think you're a perfect fit for this role, please fill out and submit an application here.

We believe it’s a human right to be heard and understood.
Tarjimly is a 501c3 nonprofit founded in 2017 with the mission of eliminating language barriers for refugees, immigrants, and humanitarians. We achieve this at scale through the Tarjimly mobile app which connects people in need with our community of 40,000+ volunteer translators on-demand using chat, calling, and documents.
Our Impact: we’ve translated over 2.5 million words and 200k minutes for over 20,000 people in need. In the last 6 months, we’ve increased weekly sessions 7x from 100 to >700 in response to the US Border Crisis, Afghan Refugee Crisis, and Ukrainian refugee crisis, and we urgently need to improve our product infrastructure and experience to meet these global crises.
We are a small, but passionate engineering team (CTO - Aziz, Lead Engineer - Ismail, Software Engineer - Ifeanyi) working with a stellar outbound team of 5 people giving us the pulse of refugee and humanitarian needs around the world.

About the Role

The focus of this role is to partner with the Lead Engineer and Software Engineer on our team to complete the Tarjimly Mobile Application refactor, fix some of it’s major bugs, and work on implementing the latest Feature Requests we are getting from the field.
We are looking for a talented mission-driven React Native engineer to take us to the next level - someone who likes to operate remotely, with a global team, takes initiative, cares a lot about quality 👌🏽
Location: Fully Remote (engineers from anywhere welcome)
Contract: Full-time (40 hours per week) for 6 months with likelihood of long-term extension with strong performance
Compensation: Competitive rate based on experience and country
Working Hours: Flexible, but daily standup
Dates: Ongoing, ideal start as soon as possible
Time-Off & Sick Leave: 20 paid days off year & 5 paid sick days
Interview process:
Interview with Lead Engineer (Ismail) - direct manager

Applying: If you think you're a perfect fit for this role, please fill out and submit an application here.


Work with other engineers to fix major bugs that are holding the app back from accelerated growth and adoption:
Bring the mobile app to higher level of production quality:
Fix native Android crashes, issues, and Android edge cases
Improve code quality
Increase test coverage
Unit, integration, and E2E
Improve modularity, organization, readability, naming, and architecture
Migrate away from Redux to SWR
Improve stability, robustness, error handling, and error reporting
Refactoring while bug fixing
Keep React-Native and all dependencies up-to-date
Help implement incremental rollout of API migration
Work with other engineers to implement major roadmap features such as:
Schedule A Translator System
Automated Notifications
Translator Trainings
Calling Improvements
Updated Machine Learning Matching Algorithm
Latest App Design to be built:

Desired Experience & Skills


3+ years experience with React Native
Experience with writing high quality, production-ready code
Experience with Typescript
Experience with React Hooks and custom hooks
Experience with React Context API
Experience with Unit, Integration, and E2E testing
Raw passion for helping refugees and immigrants
Self-starter and excellent at taking initiative
Clear and fast written and verbal communication skills


Experience with SWR hook
Experience working with humanitarian organizations or non-profits
Bilingual, refugee, immigrant, or from such a community

Our Stack

React Native for mobile app frontend on Android and iOS
State management
SWR hooks
Redux (migrating away from it)
react-navigation v6
Detox (E2E tests)
VOIP calling
Firebase messaging
Git and GitHub for source control
GitHub Actions for CI/CD
Node.js and Python for backend
Express.js (Typescript)
Django (Python)
Flask (Python)
Scikit-learn for Machine Learning
Twilio for Chat and Calling
React.js for two web apps: internal tool and website
Docker for deployment
AWS EC2 for hosting/servers/compute
PostgresSQL for database
Metabase for data analytics and analysis
Amplitude and Segment for app event-based analytics
Notion for project management and documentation
Slack for communication