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Volunteer Design Consultant for Phages For Global Health

Taproot Foundation

Taproot Foundation

Oakland, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023
Phages for Global Health is seeking skilled volunteer support through Taproot Plus. Taproot Plus is an online platform that connects nonprofits to professionals seeking strong opportunities to volunteer their talent for good. All Taproot Plus projects are vetted and once Phages for Global Health selects a volunteer applicant, Taproot Plus will provide resources and support to help make the project a success. About This ProjectIf you would like to learn more about this organization and project, please follow the apply link to schedule a preliminary call with a representative of the organization. About This OrganizationWe are combating the global antibiotic resistance crisis, which is expected to kill 10 million people annually by 2050 -- nearly 3 times more deaths than COVID-19 caused in 2021. Roughly 90% of antibiotic resistance deaths will occur in Africa and Asia, so we work specifically with public health scientists in those regions.We empower those scientists to develop bacteriophages (also called phages), which are inexpensive, naturally occurring antibiotic alternatives that can kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Phages have been used against problem bacteria for over 100 years, particularly in the former Soviet Union, and they are regaining popularity in the US in Europe, but they have not been applied anywhere in Africa and only minimally in Asia. Importantly, phages can be isolated from local contaminated environments using equipment that is readily available to scientists in developing countries.Through in-country laboratory workshops, we teach scientists how to isolate phages, and we support those researchers as they develop phage products for applications in people, livestock, crops, and aquaculture, bringing in international partners as needed. Since 2017 we have trained 131 scientists from 16 countries throughout Africa and Asia, and thus far, they have: (1) taught phage biology to approximately 1200 others through their home institutions; (2) initiated at least 50 phage research projects and; (3) won grants totaling more than $945,000 to support their phage work.Design - Infographic DesignOur US-based nonprofit organization works on the antibiotic resistance crisis in Africa and Asia, and there are four main pillars of our work. I'd like to work with a graphic designer to develop a relatively simple image/drawing that describes those four pillars and how they fit together toward accomplishing our overall mission. We would use this graphic as we publicize our projects and also fundraise.We are combatting the antibiotic resistance crisis, which is expected to dwarf COVID-19 in terms of the annual death toll. Our work is focused in Africa and Asia since 90% of the deaths from antibiotic resistance are expected to occur there. We teach public health scientists in those regions how to use naturally occurring antibiotic alternatives -- called phages -- to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria in people, livestock, crops, and aquaculture. More than 1,200 scientists have already been trained, and they have initiated over 50 phage product development projects and raised more than $1.1 million to support their work. We have an exciting new publicity campaign planned, but we need help with designing eye-catching graphics for that.To be honest, we could use this graphic yesterday! We are about to launch this new publicity campaign, and it will be key to use this graphic in that.This project can be done remotely.