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Summer Internship



Marketing & Communications · Intern
Posted on Monday, May 15, 2023


SameSame is a new tech non-profit founded to provide mental health support to LGBTQI+ teens and young adults living in places where it’s difficult or even illegal to be different. Our first product is a WhatsApp chatbot that delivers identity-affirming, self-guided support to young people in South Africa and, with your help, Zimbabwe. We’re looking for summer interns to work remotely, supporting and being managed by our founder and Executive Director, Jonathan (Jono) McKay. SUPPORT QUEER YOUTH:INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE


One intern will serve as the Executive Assistant to Jonathan, helping to organize his schedule, monitor organizational financials, plan travel, engage in short research and writing assignments and review and edit the work of others. Up to 2 other interns will each work independently on one of the following projects:

  1. The creation of a ‘daily affirmation’ feature that would provide our users with encouragement and support even when they aren‘t engaging with our bot.
  2. The development of new content sets and messages designed to support users struggling with substance abuse and addiction.
  3. The management of our social media channels, helping us build a community on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and, if you’re up for it, TikTok

INTERNSHIP DETAILS Location: Anywhere in the world — we work via email, Slack, Google docs and video chats Time commitment: 6 to 12 weeks, depending on you availability, but preferably 8 weeks Timeline: We’re looking to bring interns on as soon as possible — start today! Payment: We’re offering a $1,000 stipend for interns who complete 8 weeks

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED Please send any questions, your CV and a letter explaining your interest in this work to: hello@samesamecollective.org. with the subject line ‘summer internship’


SameSame is an equal opportunity employer.