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Medical Officer

Noora Health

Noora Health

Posted on Friday, August 11, 2023

Noora Health’s mission is to improve outcomes and strengthen health systems by equipping family caregivers with the skills they need to care for their loved ones.

Founded in 2014, Noora Health turns hospital hallways and waiting rooms into classrooms by tapping into the most compassionate resources available for the patient’s care: their own family.

With support from governments and partners in India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia, Noora Health has trained more than 3.5 million caregivers across 460+ facilities using their flagship caregiver education and training curriculum, the Care Companion Program (CCP).

In a cohort of patients, the CCP reduced post-surgical cardiac complications by 71%, maternal complications by 12%, newborn complications by 16%, and newborn readmissions by 56%.

Noora Health was honored as a TED 2022 Audacious Project Grantee and recipient of the 2022 Skoll Foundation Award for Social Innovation. Featuring Edith Elliott and Shahed Alam, our Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, Noora Health’s mission took the spotlight at TED 2022 and was also featured in a 2022 Skoll video.


The Incumbent Medical Officer (MO) will be working on our Remote Engagement Digital Service. This mobile phone based service provides families with a platform to interact with health and health service related questions in their regional languages to which a dedicated team of nurses and doctors respond.
● The two-way service runs via WhatsApp, IVRS and teletraining across diverse thematic areas like Maternal and Child Care, General Health & Wellness, Non-Communicable Diseases, Tuberculosis, Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. Expansion of these programs in other areas of Nutrition, Nephrology & Oncology is underway in multiple Indian states.
● MO’s primary responsibility will be to support seamless interactions between patients/caregivers, nursing staff and consultant physicians, ensuring the patients receive evidence based high - quality health information and guidance throughout their healthcare journey. This is not a tele-medicine service but a tele-health programme that supports patients and /or caregivers with an understanding of relevant health conditions.
● The role of an MO role will also involve preparing data based reports to be shared with the internal medical team on the queries asked on the platform, training of the nurses on key medical topics, facilitating tele training and supporting the medical team with messaging interventions. The role of the MO is to support service improvement of the program by offering inputs on quality, accuracy and relevance of the content.
● Ensure prompt response when a query is escalated by the in-house two-way response team. Our in-house two way response team of nurses are the first responders to all questions raised by the users. Some of our questions require a more experienced clinician’s intervention and will be shared with doctors.The expected response time once the questions are shared is 30 min -1 hour. Incase of an emergency question, the response time has to be within 5 minutes. Our telehealth service does not share information on diagnosis or prescribe medication but is confined to tele-health education and promotion.
● This is where you come in! To ensure that all the relevant questions are escalated and responded to promptly, compassionately, with accurate medication information.Ensure prompt response when a question is escalated by the in house clinical team.
● Your role will need you to contribute to the growing landscape of digital health with a medical lens to improve the service and make it more patient - centered.
● Collaborate and facilitate with the team of nurses and doctors and continue ongoing efforts of meetings, training and more.
● Additional support, as per time availability and interest to help with content writing, review of messages, improving messages to make them more user-friendly etc.


● A medical doctor (MBBS), with a valid medical registration with any State Medical Council or National Medical Council ( India).
● 1 or 2 years of clinical experience or currently practicing in a clinical setting. Experience working in a government health system has a higher weightage.
● Experience in telemedicine, mhealth, health tech | digital health interventions | non profit organizations.
● Able to commit to the time agreed on by the organization and the medical officer.
● Communication skills: Proficiency in written and verbal communication skills w.r.t patient care.
● Able to communicate with patients and families, with ease, in very simple, non-medical language.
● Languages: Apart from very good English for writing and talking, the incumbent is expected to be proficient in at least two or more Indian languages.
● Ensure participation in all meetings scheduled to plan service improvement.
● Computer proficiency with comfortable use of android phones, web browsers, google suite and mails.

At Noora Health, we value diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we understand the value of developing a team with different perspectives, educational backgrounds, and life experiences. We prioritize diversity within our team, and we welcome candidates from all gender identities, castes, religious practices, sexual orientations, and abilities – among many others.

We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply for positions at Noora Health.