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Curious Learning

Curious Learning

Posted on Friday, July 9, 2021

Curious Learning Board of Directors Position

Tech Nonprofit

Global Literacy Education

Curious Learning is a tech nonprofit in search of an additional member for our Board of Directors. The prospective member can be located anywhere, will have a global perspective and a strong interest in the mission. Backgrounds in business, philanthropy or technology are preferred.

Having grown out of strong research background at MIT and Tufts you would be helping to guide Curious Learning into scale as it establishes partnerships with multilaterals & NGOs such as UNESCO & WFP as well as large tech companies to reach 100’s millions of children.

About Curious Learning

The world has an education crisis - 100 million young children never get a chance to attend school, and another 250 million go to school and leave without ever having learned to read and write. In addition, 770 million adults cannot read resulting in a $1.2 trillion annual loss to the global GDP. An individual that can read makes 40% more over their lifetime, lives 26 years longer, is dramatically more likely to be knowledgeable about current events and vote in local elections, is significantly less likely to be involved in crime, and contributes to a 20% drop in infant deaths. And literacy can never be taken away.

Literacy is the single best tool for overcoming poverty.

Curious Learning is a tech nonprofit that Curates, Localizes, Optimizes and Distributes free mobile software that enables children to learn to read regardless of proximity to schools or even literate adults. It has been shown that kids can learn to read from mobile apps (Gottwald et al., 2017). Curious Learning is curating a set of open source learning apps that provide a path to literacy in 50+ languages. We are now working with organizations around the world to localize and distribute these apps to parents and caregivers via smartphones that they already have. To reach 170 million children by 2025, we are working with telecommunications providers,hardware manufacturers, multilateral institutions, and governments to bring localized apps to children in the countries with the highest rates of illiteracy first, and eventually worldwide.

Additional information available

  1. Curious Learning Executive Summary

  2. Our Website

Expectations for board members

  1. Responsiveness and engagement

  2. Frequency of meeting - 4 to 6 times a year by phone and once in person annually (often in Boston)

  3. Give/get of $25,000/year


If interested, please email Curious Learning Board Chair Miles Lasater: