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Founding ML Engineer

Adalat AI

Adalat AI

Other Engineering · Full-time
Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Founding ML Engineer


About the position:

Adalat AI is building cutting-edge AI solutions for courts and justice systems to end judicial delays and improve access to justice. We are developing pioneering products that assist judges, stenographers, and other legal professionals in Indian courts. As a Founding ML Engineer, you will be instrumental in the development and deployment of our AI models, including speech-to-text and legal Large Language Models (LLMs).

Position overview:

  • Collaborate closely with the founding team to develop AI models that power our ASR solutions, legal copilot, and other innovative products.
  • Innovate solutions addressing critical needs of our users, primarily judges and legal professionals in various Indian courts.
  • Work alongside design, backend, and frontend teams to deliver comprehensive AI-driven solutions.
  • Tackle complex engineering challenges on our ML platform.
  • Build scalable and cost-effective systems.

Key responsibilities:

  • Design and implement Hybrid and/or End-to-End speech and language processing system using machine learning and deep learning techniques.
  • Preprocess, annotate, and manage large datasets of speech and text for training and testing purposes.
  • Develop data augmentation techniques to improve model robustness and generalization.
  • Train and fine-tune speech recognition and language understanding models.
  • Implement and experiment state-of-the-art algorithms to optimize model performance.
  • Conduct rigorous evaluation of speech models and provide insights for modelimprovement.
  • Collaborate with product managers and engineers to understand user requirements andprovide technical solutions.
  • Ensure compliance with data privacy and security regulations in projects.
  • Stay updated with state-of-the-art techniques in the Speech Recognition field andexchange knowledge with colleagues.
  • Coordinate with internal teams to translate business challenges into data pipelines andmodel frameworks.
  • Document research findings, methodologies, and implementation details.
  • Communicate progress and results to the team and stakeholders effectively.


  • Expertise in AI technologies such as speech recognition (ASR), natural language processing (NLP), and large language models (LLMs).
  • Hands-on experience building hybrid and end-to-end AI systems, including speech recognition systems like GMM-HMM, DNN-HMM, and architectures like wav2vec2, Whisper, LAS, and Parakeet.
  • Experience with machine learning and deep learning libraries such as Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, or PyTorch.
  • Strong programming skills in languages like Python, C/C++, Shell scripting.
  • Experience with deploying, fine-tuning, and training AI models in production environments.
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or a related fieldfrom a leading institute (preferred).
  • Contributions to research communities, including publications at conferences and/orjournals (preferred).

What you will achieve in a year:

  • Build the ML stack for Indian court systems, catering to over 1000 courtrooms operating 8- 10 hours daily.
  • Tackle significant ML challenges, including developing feedback loops to improve AI model performance for regional dialects, the legal domain, and over 10 Indian languages.
  • Develop one of the best multilingual AI models for the legal domain.
  • Contribute to the deployment and optimization of various AI models in real-world legalsettings.

Benefits and Perks:

  • Work from Home (WFH) with flexible hours.
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO).
  • Networking opportunities within the Harvard/MIT/Oxford ecosystem.
  • Autonomy and ownership in your role.
  • Work with smart, humble, and friendly peers.
  • Generous vacation policy.
  • Maternity and paternity leave.
  • Access to learning and development resources.

**Apply:**To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter to careers@adalat.ai with the subject line: "Founding ML Engineer Application".

Adalat AI is an equal opportunity employer.

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