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Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2023

Legal Project

Organization: AccesSOS
Organization's Mission: To make emergency help accessible
CEO: Gabriella Wong
Table of contents


accesSOS is a startup, tech nonprofit that has a mobile web app, web tool, and iOS and Android apps (in development). We have several legal documents in place, but want to make sure accesSOS is on the right path, and we have several key focus questions we’d like answered by the end of this project.
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
Is our current UI for the following tools acceptable for getting users to agree to our terms of use and privacy policy? Do we need to have users check a box or toggle to agree? If so, what is recommended UI that follows best practices but does not require many steps?
mobile web app:
text 911 database web map:
accesSOS website:
future: iOS and Android app:
We see a lot of websites have pop ups about cookie preferences. Do we need to do that for our tech tools?
Liability issues
We plan to add a 988 integration where we route the user’s request for help to 988 if they are facing a mental health emergency (new nationwide number), we send the user’s location data to 988. What are the risks in sending location information to 988 in terms of privacy?
If we do a nationwide expansion of our app, do we have to be worried about state by state regulations or city by city?
We do user research testing, do we need some protection in place to test with our users?
Onboarding documents
IP: Do our current set of documents we have volunteers, employees, interns sign designate that property developed for accesSOS belongs to accesSOS?
What documents at minimum do we need to get short term pro bono consultants to sign?
We’d like to add a section to have approval before any media or publication is made regarding accesSOS
We get lots of questions from our interns about what they’re allow to share with others, what they’re allowed to put on their portfolio. What is the best answer to tell them?
We store data from the app into AWS databases. What data are we allowed to keep, what should we not keep? How long can we keep the data? What is best practice?
External Documents
We’re asked to sign NDAs, contractor agreements, grant agreements. Should we always have a legal person look at these documents before signing?
Trademark - complete, Chika, 4/1/23
Do we need to trademark the accesSOS logo? Trademark the name?

Legal Resources

We’re thankful and lucky to have a talented team of pro bono legal experts and resources to help us. To help you with your legal research you’ll be responsible for reaching out to:
Cooley Law - Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
Cooley Law - Contract Negotiations
Tracy Rubin, Liz Paisner, Michelle Zhou,
Trademark Issues - Nicole Kinsley, Amy Kwan
Gibson and Dunn - NDA and Onboarding Documents
Guo, Keron
Chen, Thomas
Axinn - Liability issues, launch issues, Don Wang
Other issues, file request with probono resources
We the Action:

Major requirements & deliverables

A google doc providing answers to the questions in listed in the Goal section and the source of the answer put in this folder:
If recommendations or best practices are made, making a google doc AND google slides presentation that can be easily disseminated and presented to the current and future team


Milestones & schedule

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Project manager & team members

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