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💡Analytics + Metrics Project



Data Science
Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2023

Analytics + Metrics Project

Organization: accesSOS
Organization's Mission: To make emergency help accessible
CEO: Gabriella Wong

📜 Scope & Details

Background: We'd like a way to capture data, to analyze it, and store it to keep track of our progress
Impact: Looking at concrete data will inform us on what's most popular in our organization (like social media posts), what part of our site is most popular, and will allow us to show funders, and potential funders that we make an impact and that we have success
Time Frame: 2 - 4 weeks
Where: Work remotely from anywhere
progressive web app:
accesSOS main site:
iOS app (named test flight and app connect, also talk to Susan Crayne about the app)
social media channels
Analyze Google Analytics for above products/accounts
analytics for iOS mobile app
A way to capture all this data, store it, and report on it to show future funders of our impact - similar to what we see below
this is how we present the data from before:
Set of guidelines for data collection, interpretation and analysis
Training on how to track performance, set up reports and analyze the data collected online
Tracking our competitor's analyze your competitors’ performance on ⁦‪@instagram‬⁩? Pulsepoint, RapidSOS, LifeAlert
How to perform an Instagram competitor analysis [template included]
TL;DR If you'd like to kick start your Instagram competitor analysis right away, feel free to swipe our Instagram indus t ry insights template. For more tips on analyzing your competition, keep reading. Have you ever looked at your competitors' Instagram account and wondered how they get all that engagement?

🧠 Skills Needed

Data Analysis
Digital Marketing
Proficiency in implementing & using Google Analytics
Proficiency in data analysis
Should we use amplitude or google analytics?

📚 Documentation

Login Accounts: Untitled
Google Analytics email: PW:

Project Schedule (Tentative)

This project schedule provides a tentative list of milestones

Prep: Planning

AccesSOS Team shares admin credentials with Professional necessary to complete audit

Milestone 1: Information Sharing & Goal Setting

Team Access gives overview of any current use of online statistics and shares admin details for existing Google Analytics account
Professional connects with Team Access for a brainstorming/overview session, to discuss goals, current web platforms, and existing data on statistics (if any)
Professional and Team Access outline next steps and timeline for the project

Milestone 2: Tracking Setup

Professional explains basics of getting started with Google Analytics and sets up tracking codes based on the Organization’s goals
Professional guides Team Access in setting up reports to collect desired data (social media data too)
Professional reviews implementation of tracking codes to ensure they are working and helps troubleshoot as needed

Milestone 3: Training

Professional creates guidelines for data interpretation and analysis, and shares any tips for continued used of Google Analytics
Professional reviews above guidelines and tips
Professional is available for up to two weeks to address questions as Organization starts to regularly monitor analytics